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Blame the Mother of Pink at the Pink White House

I asked my father to buy me a power bank for my phone on his way back home and so he did.

And what was it’s color you may ask-Pink! I mean, I like my tech stuff to be either black or grey. But my father bought me a pink power bank because he thought in a stereotypical way that girls like pink.

Thank goodness though it was just a power bank and not a cell phone.

But why did this color mold itself into such a stereotype? Why did pink become the color of girls and blue of boys…

He owes a credit to his father, King Philip II of Macedon

Alexander the great is unquestionably one of the most famous military commanders in the world.

He conquered the world known at his time by the age of 32. The military forces of the Kingdom of Macedon were the most powerful, advanced and most organized armies of their time. Defeat was a word unknown to them.

But most part of the credit goes to the father of Alexander, King Philip II of Macedon. Macedon, at the time before Philip II, became the King was regarded as a second-rate power.

It had almost no importance in Greek politics which, at that time…

“Myths must be kept alive.” — Joseph Campbell

Have you wondered why women couldn't vote back in the old days? Or why a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck? Or, do you wonder who the first woman was? How would the world be if there was no Pandora, no evils, right?

The answers to these question are found in myths we all read in our childhood. But, as an adult now, all I can remember from those myths is just the basic story — Pandora opening a box spreads evils. Not more. But they have some meanings beyond our childhood.

Here are four mythological stories that…

#2: Her Astounding Beauty Is Just a Myth

“I will not be triumphed over.” — Cleopatra

Even though the world has had many Queens and many other famous women, but Cleopatra triumphs over almost all of them including triumphing over Egypt. It has been about 2,000 years since her death but her fame has seen no dark day. She is known for her beauty, intelligence, wit and her reign was full of story and drama.

But there are many lies also that we believe in. Here is a list of some of the lies that we always believed to be true:

Lie# 1: Egyptian Ethnicity

It is very easy to imagine her…

An open letter to all feminists

Two weeks have passed since the celebration of the world-wide day “Women’s Day”. Like every year, I question my beliefs and search for answers to them. I am quite an open-minded person but when it comes to hot topics like; should I take Meghan’s side or Kate’s, should I write every day on Medium or thrice a week, and whether I believe in feminism, my brain ceases to give an accurate answer. But there is one thing that I know for sure; that I am not a feminist, but I am not an Anti-Feminist either.

One of the main reasons…

I, the worst of all women

“If Aristotle had done some cooking, he would have written more.”

Who is this woman who has criticized Aristotle? Why is she the worst nun? Was she really a feminist at that time where women had no power to speak?

I think if she was born in today’s world, she might be the actual first female president of the United States. Or she would be the Elif Shafak of America, using her skill to write as ways to express. Her life was full of peaks of highs and lows. But her end was quite tragic, lonely and sad.

The name…

An easy-to-follow guide to productivity, efficiency and time management.

I was sitting in the auditorium anxiously waiting for my merit number to be called. While the admission lady was tearing the vouchers from her folder to distribute them to the students who finally made it, it was as if my heart got torn too. With every voucher being issued, the number of vacant seats was being reduced and my chances to grab them became lesser. I just sat there sweating bullets.

After a long halt, the announcement-man called my merit number and I nervously went to the admission-table in front of the voucher-tearing lady. And thank God! …

True friendship knows no borders

Friendship, isn’t it a beautiful thing. It connects two people with separate souls and different hearts.

It can make you laugh at the moment you are at the burst of your tears or it can make you smile and say I am alright, it can make the pace of your heart quicken with excitement at the presence of your friend and it can also make you feel that life is actually a beautiful treasure to have. And the best part is that friendship sees no boundaries to race, language, age and occupation. …

Memento Mori: Remember, you must die.

Back when photography came into being, people started to take pictures for the same reason we do today-capturing moments of life.

But like many other unusual facts about the Victorian Era that we have heard of, from wearing massive outfits putting places on fire to the dog-faced boy; photographing the dead people was also another unusual part of the culture.

In museums, photographs of deceased children and adults can be usually seen. They appear to be life-like as if they were sitting casually and got photographed but they really were deceased at that time.

But what was the purpose of…

His brain got stolen for a reason.

Albert Einstein, the man known for his celestial wisdom was also the master of strange habits that were his genius’s rituals. He was unarguably one of the history’s greatest minds. He did not change a year, or a decade, he changed a hundred years. He changed the narrative of physics and therefore how we thought of nature. He gave physics its modernity.

He taught us about how to squeeze energy out of atoms and how to convert energy into mass, he taught us about his world-famous ‘theory of relativity’ that has solved numerous problems regarding time, energy, space and even…

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