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11# He Proposed the Curing of Plague By Toad Vomit!

Image Source: Wikipedia

History becomes more interesting to read when it's weird; when we get hit by the unexpected. And if it comes down to people in history whom we either look up to or at least assume them to be a certain way, we become compelled to know more.

Such was the personality of Sir Isaac Newton.

When we think of him, apart from his genius of physics and mathematics, we assume that he was very shy, introverted, coming from a broken home, unwanted as a child, and a loner. Even in his own field, he is like no other.

“When asked…

It Happens Today Too And No One Stops It!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The average size of a woman’s feet in the UK is 9.6 inches and the size of a foot-bound Chinese woman is less than 3 inches.

We all are parts of various cultures that either we were brought up in or adopted later in our lives by getting inspired. Cultures are beautiful but like the two sides of a coin, they have their bad aspects too. They can pave your pathway to your destination so that you don't face any unnecessary hurdles and they can even make your life miserable and in some cases — lame and immobile.

This was…

He owes credit to his father, King Philip II of Macedon

Alexander the great is unquestionably one of the most famous military commanders in the world.

He conquered the world known at his time by the age of 32. The military forces of the Kingdom of Macedon were the most powerful, advanced and most organized armies of their time. Defeat was a word unknown to them.

But most part of the credit goes to the father of Alexander, King Philip II of Macedon. Macedon, at the time before Philip II, became the King was regarded as a second-rate power.

It had almost no importance in Greek politics which, at that time…

Mike, the Headless Chicken

Mike, the Headless Chicken | Image Credit: LIFE / GETTY IMAGES via BBC

Mike the Headless Chicken more popular than Clinton — Salon, 1999

But how did it even survive without a head? And for two whole years!

Well, here is the story:

The Background

Lloyd Olsen and his wife Clara owned a farm. On the 10th of September, 1945, Olsen was beheading their chickens and Clara was cleaning up. Everything was perfectly normal.

But when they woke up the next morning and heard noises from the farm. Things were getting broken as if someone was clumsily walking — as if it had no eyes!

The couple got the shock when they realized that their…

From ‘medical’ benefits to bizarre funeral

It is said that we must study history to learn from it, not repeat its mistakes. But while it's a good source of lessons, sometimes it becomes weird as well.

Sometimes ancient people did such wacky things that we will not even think about ‘not doing the same again.’ And sometimes a simple flaw continues to show its colors, not for days not years but decades.

A few of the strangest and the weirdest moments from history:

#5 Caging of Children

Baby in a window cage | Image Credit: Rare Historical Photos

Yes, it's true!

Dr. Luther Emmet Holt and other physicians advocated that babies should be kept in fresh air. …

Haseki Hurrem Sultan

Haseiki Sultan Hurrem | Image Source: Wikipedia

Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent, happened to pass by the laundry in his Harem when he heard a charming, beautiful voice singing Ukrainian songs. He “stopped to talk with her in her outlandish speech” as his 1951 biographer Harold Lamb recounted.

The girl in the laundry was none other than the future Ottoman Empress Hurrem Sultan, at that time called Aleksandra Lisovska or Roxolana.

Roxolana was abducted by Crimean Tatar raiders who sold her to a slave market where she was bought by someone from Constantinople (now Istanbul), the Ottoman capital and was gifted to Suleiman. …

And how he adjusted his 24-hour daily routine

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Paul Kern was a Hungarian soldier who served during WWI. During the war in 1915, he got hit by a Russian bullet. He was at once taken to the Lemberg Hospital for treatment.

The bullet had gone through Paul’s head. After a successful surgery, it got removed. And from the moment he opened his eyes on the hospital bed, he lived awake ever after.

An average human spends 26 hours sleeping and seven hours trying to sleep — a total of 33 hours in bed. And a good night’s sleep is always on a checklist for people who are successful…

History of the Journey from a Torture Device to Workout Equipment

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

We know that people in ancient history had quite a knack for cruelty, injustice, dishonesty,…actually, it was illiteracy. Good and bad people have always been there in societies, in all eras. But when it came to the punishments, people in power to punish would lose their sanity and humanity.

Crucification, pealing off peoples’ skin, crushing of heads by making an elephant walk on it, sawing in half, and so much more were the tortures.

The treadmill was also a form of torture.

Treadmill, a Punishment

A track under your feet, you run or jog, yet space never changes its form, and time, it…

Story of the senseless death that easily could have been prevented

Queen Sunandha

When we think of royalty, the first thing that comes to mind after looking at their extravagant lifestyle is ‘rules’. A set of laws and regulations that makes them look posh in an unreachable manner. We find numerous videos and articles on the sets of rules different royals have to follow and then we know for sure that we are good to not be royal because many of the rules make no sense.

Like Queen Elizabeth forbade the use of garlic in her kitchens. …

From 3-inch lotus shoes to massive ballgowns

“Fashion is the mirror of history. It reflects political, social and economic changes, rather than mere whimsy” — Louise XIV

Fashion is one of the many factors that help historians distinguish between the ancient people’s lifestyle, religion, statuses of certain people, rituals and myths. Its evolution helps us understand the general status of a society.

And so, fashion has taken many different turns; weird, warm, ridiculous, sad, painful, and political.

Here are some of the fashion images from history that I found strikingly different or with a good behind the scene story:

Cut Off Shoes

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In Berlin, Germany in 1946 children’s shoe toes…

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